Terms & Conditions

1) This Booking Confirmation shall remain valid for acceptance for a period of 14 days and must be accepted by The Client in its entirety.

2) Any variation to the Services stated must be agreed in writing.

3) The Client will be invoiced for the Performance Fee plus any Other Services agreed on the Booking Confirmation. The Client shall settle this invoice by the due date stated unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4) Interest may be charged on all late payments at a rate of 8% per annum above the Bank Of England base rate. Reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining payment from The Client where any payment due is late may also be charged.

5) In the event that The Client cancels an Engagement they will be liable to pay cancellation charges as follows:
i) Cancellation over 60 days prior to the Event Date: No Fee
ii) Cancellation made 30-59 days prior to the Event Date: 25% of Total Invoice
iii) Cancellation made 15-29 days prior to the Event Date: 50% of Total Invoice
iv) Cancellation made less than 15 days prior to the Event Date: 100% of Total Invoice

No refund shall be given to the Client against the Deposit already paid, and no administration charge will be made to the Artist, if a replacement artist of similar value can be arranged by the Agent and agreed by the Client. However, should a replacement artist charge a lower fee, the Client will be refunded an amount of the Deposit pro rata to the difference in fees and the replacement artist will be due their usual fee. The Agent shall use reasonable endeavours to contact the Client and Artist to agree this in advance.

6) If the venue provided by The Client is unable to accommodate the Acts(s) and the Act(s) is/are unable to perform for this reason The Client will be liable for cancellation charges as outlined above.

7) The Client shall provide a suitable performance area for the Act(s) and ensure there is an adequate power supply which meets industry standards if electrical equipment is to be used as part of the performance.

8) Where any Act is expected to wear stage clothing The Client must provide adequate dressing room facilities. Public toilets are unacceptable.

9) The Client agrees that if any Act is threatened, abused verbally or physically by anyone present at the performance then the Act will be entitled not to perform, without penalty. All Fees will remain payable by The Client .

10) The Client must hold adequate insurance policies in respect of any Engagement.

11) The Client is responsible for obtaining any work permits or other approvals for the Act(s) prior to the commencement of an Engagement.

12) Any changes to the performance schedule will be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

13) If changes are required to the performance schedule on the day of the event these changes should be discussed with the Supplier where possible, otherwise agreement should be reached between the Client and the Act(s).

14) In the event that any Act is unable to complete a performance due to a delay in the start of the performance schedule, where such delay is no fault of the Act, the Client shall remain liable to pay the full Fee due.

15) Should the Act(s) be required by the Client to extend the length of the performance, a further fee may be charged as agreed between the parties.

16) An Act is not obligated to finish any performance that has started late due to the Clients actions or to extend the length of any performance.

17) These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Covid 19 Terms & Conditions

We devised this covid-19 policy earlier in the pandemic to try and be fair to all parties concerned.

Due to the recent Covid-19 Pandemic and where we stand with our cancellations policies. 

As you are aware these are unprecedented times and are no fault of anyone’s. 

As a company we have decided on the following actions in trying to deal with this and be fair to all parties involved, we know our Ts & Cs say that Deposits / Booking fees are NON Transferable / Returnable but the below outlines the actions we wish to carry forward during this pandemic having not been given a clear date for the industry to return to normal. 

  1. Postponements and changes of dates: Deposits / booking fees WILL be transferred and no extra charges made to any bookings, so your booking and payment will remain the same and we will honour your new date. 
  2. Deposits / Booking Fees: we will issue you with a CREDIT for the full amount for any future date and service within our company. 
  3. Cancellations: we will issue a refund for any date within the Lock down of the industry, but will be a part refund as we will take an admin charge for the work we have already committed to your booking:  

Fees will be:  

£15.00 for deposits / Booking Fees up to and including £50.00  & £30.00 for Deposits / Booking fees for anything above £51.00.  

(This admin fee covers the Processing and tax paid on the original deposit / booking fee).